Homeowner Protections, Healthcare, Education, Inclusive Governance, Community Safety, Economic Furtherance

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As your partner, our commitment is creating a better future for our community.  

Together, these priorities encapsulate our dedication to building a vibrant, resilient, and inclusive community. 

Let's work together for a future where we take care of every part of our community, with a strong focus on being open and making sure the government really works for us all.

-Calandra Cooper 

This web page is meant to provide an overview of issues community members have presented to me.  

Listen to my podcasts, watch my videos, read my candidate newspaper, The Primary, join me online and meet me in person to hear more details and to provide your input.

"I won't pretend to know everything and have all of the answers, but I'm willing to work with you to get the answers and develop solutions."

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Fostering Economic Growth

Championing initiatives that stimulate local economic development, stimulate & support small businesses and prepare community members for higher paying jobs. 

Community Safety

No one wants to live in a community that's not safe.  Every person, every family and every visitor in all of the districts throughout Nebraska deserve to feel and be safe.  As your partner, in District 11, I'll make safety a priority in our community. 

Investing in Education

Ensuring access to quality education opportunities to aid in helping students acquire the academic and skills needed to compete in the job markets that support their immediate and surrounding communities in Nebraska. 


I support legal immigration.  District 11 has an unacceptable crime rate, including a high rate of incarceration. This is because, citizens of our community are expected to uphold and obey the law.  And are undeniably punished for not doing so.  Without laws, communities deteriorate and the quality of life of the people living within them deteriorates.  While residents in District 11 are expected to abide by the law, and are held accountable for not, I advocate for the same standards for everyone. 

Enhancing Public Health

Strengthening our public health infrastructure to provide comprehensive healthcare, mental health support and wellness programs that's accessible to all, with particular emphasis on our most vulnerable:  our aging population and infants, especially considering infant mortality rates, is important for the well-being of our community and throughout Nebraska.  

I’ll also advocate for home healthcare  recipients so that they're able to make informed decisions about care and the providers of their care, while protecting the patient's rights and privacy.  

Environmental Conservation for Community Health

I'm committing to environmental sustainability and conservation to preserve our community's natural beauty, which also aids in promoting active  healthy, sustainable lifestyles, including protecting (and utilizing) our parks, protecting our drinking water and  waterways and protecting our native plants and soils; because good food is good medicine.  And good medicine promotes good health.  It's a beautiful synergy. 

Veteran Services

I believe we owe our vets continued care and support because of their service to our country.  As such, as a legislator, I'll leave no veteran behind and unconsidered. 

Upholding Transparency and Oversight

I pledge to reinforce a culture of transparency and accountability.  Our initiative includes establishing clear, accessible mechanisms for oversight, ensuring that decisions made and dollars spent are visible, justifiable and in the public best interest.

Homeowner and Community Protections

Combating predatory home buying: Prevent inflated property taxes, protect vulnerable homeowners and promote equitable community development.

I’ll advocate for robust privacy protections, ensuring citizens' personal information held by government agencies remains secure and confidential.

Family Matters

In everything we do, in one way or another, it's all about family.  Even in families were there's disconnect, wounds and issues we all face as humans-family matters.  As a legislator, I'll support initiatives that put family first, including our right to worship and stand on our religious values, without impeding the rights of others. 

Calandra Cooper by Calandra Cooper
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