In District 11, the heartbeat of North Omaha, I'm running for us, not for political standing nor for party agenda, but for my community, our community and our futures. 

Together we're strong, but we need elected representatives that'll put our needs first, not one that makes decisions for us at the behest of others nor one that uses political office to settle scores, as our community languishes...for nearly half a century. 

YOU and YOURS matters.

I don't want to be your leader.  That's not why you should vote for me.  I'll represent, and answer to you.  I don't want to "influence" you.  Your life isn't an experiment and goes far beyond any person's proclamation of importance in your life as your "influencer".  I'll be influenced by YOU and what YOU need.  

I'm asking for you to partner with me as your neighbor, your friend and as your 'family' because I'm one of you.

I've lived in North Omaha's District 11 for the majority of my 56 years.  I actually care and want you to help in the decision making processes of our community. 

We, together, can put our needs first and reclaim the trajectory of our community and our lives; not be the source and prosperity of others. 

This isn't just about winning an election; this is about empowering ourselves and winning back our power to decide what's best for us, to thrive as a community and to prosper on our own terms-terms where everyone as a fair chance, opportunity and has a voice that's valued.

Let's focus forward together.

My name is Calandra Cooper. Thank you for your support.   

District 11, the heartbeat of North Omaha has much to be proud of concerning community, culture, history and family.

Community Spirit: North Omaha, including District 11, is known for its strong sense of community. Residents often come together for events, celebrations and initiatives aimed at improving their neighborhoods and for supporting each another.

Cultural Diversity: The district is rich in cultural diversity, with residents from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds contributing to its vibrant tapestry of traditions, languages and customs within the community, for example Native Omaha Days and who can forget the history of the Stone Soul Picnics.

Historical Significance: District 11 has a rich history, particularly regarding its significance in African American history. It's home to notable landmarks such as the Great Plains Black History Museum and is the birthplace of Malcolm X. District 11 houses many of the boulevards of the Omaha Park and Boulevard System national historic registry. There are also buffalo soldiers buried in District 11’s historic Prospect Hill Cemetery.

Educational Opportunities: District 11’s historic Fort Campus houses Metropolitan Community College which provides access to multifaceted academic and skills programs. Our many elementary, junior and high schools in the area strive to provide quality education and support to students, empowering them for future success.

Community Organizations: Numerous community organizations and initiatives operate within District 11, focusing on areas such as youth development, health and wellness economic development and the arts, including dance and theater.

Civic Engagement: District 11 residents actively engaged in civic activities and initiatives aimed at improving their community. From participating in local government meetings to organizing neighborhood clean-up events, there's a strong commitment to making the district a better place for everyone.

Family Commitment: District 11 is home to many families with histories dating back several generations in Omaha and are proud of their roots.

Calandra Cooper, district 11, North Omaha, Nebraska Legislature, circa 1971

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