My name is Calandra Cooper. I’m thrilled to announce my candidacy for the legislature representing Omaha's District 11. I'm reaching out to humbly ask for your support.

As a candidate for the Nebraska legislature, I want to include all community members, inviting everyone to be part of the discussion and decision-making process of matters concerning the community. As a member of your vibrant community, I’m deeply committed to representing your voices, with your input, values, aspirations and concerns. Everyone matters.

With a passion for inclusivity and a dedication to fostering unity, I believe in the power of diversity to drive positive change. Together, we can build a future where every voice is heard, every perspective valued, and every opportunity accessible to all.

Throughout my career, I have championed causes close to our hearts, advocating for equal rights, education, fair immigration laws and economic empowerment.

I’m eager to bring this same energy and enthusiasm to the legislative table, working tirelessly to ensure that our community's needs are not just heard but prioritized with input from everyone.

I cannot do this alone. I need your support, your ideas and your belief in the possibility of a brighter tomorrow. Together, we can make a difference, not just for ourselves but for generations to come.

So, I humbly ask for your vote, your trust and for your partnership on this journey towards a more inclusive, prosperous and united community. I’m very much interested in learning about what matters must to you.

Thank you for your consideration. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

With gratitude,

Calandra Cooper

For Nebraska Legislature District 11

VOTE: Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Hello, I have something to share with you. It'll only take a minute or two.

In recent political maneuvers within District 11, a telling pattern has emerged, underscoring not a strategy of empowerment or progress, but one of calculated political legacy preservation.

The former senator, who led our district without reversing its longstanding issues of poverty and neglect for nearly fifty years chose to in the past election endorse a candidate he apparently doesn't support now. If he did, why is he running against him?

Did he have faith in him then?
Did he lose faith?

Or was he playing games with our lives, all alone, for his own purpose? Still trying to keep a job for himself.
He was playing games. 

He endorsed someone he thought he could easily come back, beat and still influence the legislature while he patiently waited in the wings.

Or are they both playing games.  

Chambers stated he won't campaign. He cares that little about the people and is that arrogant. McKinney stated he doesn't "care" that Chambers is running. Have they both decided it's best to split the vote, to improve, in their minds, their chances of winning the two seats in the primary? Then, maybe Chambers will simply drop out, after ensuring "his man" is a winner, effectively bypassing the electorate for a fair election and choice. Possibility. And if that's the case, why does McKinney need that type of help from the former senator?

It's possible. Even likely.

Here in lies much of the problem, for nearly 50 years, this approach to politics, has cast cloud over North Omaha that hankered the District down like a two ton yoke, helping to perpetuate the never-ending cycle of continual poverty, stagnation and segregation-that, entity, in my opinion, has been Ernie Chambers, the show that is Ernie.

District 11 of North Omaha has never, ever thrived under Ernie Chambers-ever. Never. Consider this-Ernie Chambers could NEVER get elected to a higher office, never. That should tell you everything you need to know. No one wants him. And he continues weighing District 11 of North Omaha down like a parasite.

At some point, people in this community have to begin caring more about themselves than they do about helping someone else seek glory or retribution.

Yet in still and beyond any of that, our district’s representation, both past and present senator, have focused much of the time on issues related to criminal justice. Justice for criminals. 

Forgetting that MOST of District 11 community members are NOT going to jail, are not in jail, are not getting out of jail and are not dying in jail. What about the people like me and you, those of us NOT incarcerated?

We care about feeding and clothing our children, keeping our homes, acquiring homes, sheltering ourselves, educating ourselves, caring for ourselves during health crisis, improving our health, protecting our homes, protecting our children and fostering quality job creation and increasing our incomes, just to name a few.

It's time for a new chapter. We require it. We're not asking.
District 11 deserves partnerships that cuts through the politics of the past, partnerships that builds bridges, not tears them down. Partnerships that offer dedication to each other and sincere commitment to addressing today’s challenges, for today's people-right here and right now.

By and through any means necessary.

These, of course, are my opinions. But, I know what I'm doing. I'm voting for Calandra Cooper on Tuesday, May 14. Calandra Cooper will partner with me, all of us, while standing against the tired, divisive rhetoric of the past. She doesn't want to uphold a legacy of stagnation, but wishes to ignite a movement of growth, prosperity, community advocacy and collaboration in District 11 and for Nebraska through legislative efforts.

It's time to Focus Forward, for ourselves, our families and for our communities.

The Ernie Era, is over, done, finished. And we're not interested in more of the same.

It's a new day and there's hope, and great anticipation for a brighter future. 

Instead of "Power to the People", I say "ALL, people are the power," and I'm asking for YOU to exercise YOUR right to choose, by voting to keep Ernie and his proteges OUT of the Nebraska Legislature for everyone's best interest. It's too important to our collective future.

And if you haven't been showing up, because you feel it's usually business as usual, it's not, stop disenfranchising yourself, vote.
Good luck. 

 I hope I've given you good food for thought. Thank you for your time. 
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