By The Numbers

Legislative District 11 at a Glance

This information comes from the State of Nebraska Legislature, January 2024

Let’s Focus Forward

 The stats aren’t good. But, while our district faces challenges I also believe our community is brimming with great potential.  

We know where we stand and where we’re about to go. 

Children in Poverty


This is nearly 4x more than children living in poverty in other districts in Nebraska. 

The Nebraska average in 12.2%

Children in District 11 are the poorest in entire state of Nebraska. 




This is nearly 4x HIGHER than the overall unemployment rate in Nebraska.  Even higher than the national average. 

Families are in peril in District 11


Poverty Line


 Additionally, District 11 ranks No. 1 for families having the lowest income in Nebraska.

District 11 ranks No. 1 for  persons receiving SNAP benefits at 33.1%, the Nebraska average is 8.1%

35.9% of people living in District 11 live in poverty, while in the entire state the average is 12.2%


Disabled Seniors


This is more than 13% higher than the Nebraska state average of 32.1%.

Seniors in the state are in peril. 


Businesses "Living" in the Districts at a glance

2,356 in District 11

3, 127 in District 13, Justin Wayne

9,241 in District 6 Michaela Cavanaugh

Douglas (Omaha) at a glance

13% live in poverty

8% of seniors live in poverty

2% receive welfare

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