Article Title: The Poverty & Crime Economy, read about the economy that's been made in District 11 based on crime and poverty existing in North Omaha's District 11.Article Title: Take a higher road, not a lesser position. McKinney's statements perpetuate harmful stereotypes by oversimplifying and essentializing the experiences of children based on their geographic location or racial background...

No. I'm not afraid to say what we've been whispering about for years-No More Ernie Chambers! #district11 #nebraskalegislature #northomaha #omaha #erniechambers

— Calandra Cooper (@ONEDistrict11) May 4, 2024 No. I'm definitely not afraid to say it---No more Ernie Chambers. He hasn't done anything meaningful in District 11 for decades, stop the legion fantasy...think about your family the same way he's thinking of himself.
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